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Impending Doom

In a time of darkness, agony strips us from our lives.
Human rights have gone away
And to think that suffrage was determined so…

Well.  Amongst thieves, is their honor in the tiers of hell?  
Emptiness is just a dream slowly tearing at; what’s free  
Is disgraced, what was pure is now defaced.  
I told my Gods that I would live and die protecting everything they’ve made.  
I am not the only one here I am not the only face  
Who has realized that comfort’s gone and I am the human race.

In the past we’ve entertained ourselves  
And as clowns we grew so strong
So deceiving this may seams
Sense compassion dreaming this dream
To fell the touch of softer skin
A million lies for one small sin
Indulging’s nice like Jesus Christ
Ideals made for weaker minds


And this is real I’m apathetic  
Our dreams are broken
And I don’t care
We build our lives where you will fail
You will fail and we will  

RISE, RISE, RISE, RISE to your impending doom
RISE, RISE, and RISE to your impending doom

God has gone and shot himself
Man reins in hell
In hell here God has failed
In hell we will …

RISE, RISE, RISE to your impending doom
RISE, RISE, RISE, RISE to your impending doom


Crawling, caring, hoping, praying, all that can be saved will die.
Prying, digging, wasting away send our world to shallow graves.
Pissing, fucking, fighting, fraying, bite our tongues continue praying
Cauterize then immunize fret for all the infants’ laughter; rape them all then covet faster.

I’ve lost all compassion for all that could be saved.
I’ll stand back here laughing at every fucking fate.

Through our deaths we conquer and through our lives we’re slaves.
Go out and point fingers then stick them in your  

Face, your God, your scabs you’re crawling away.
You’re shit, you fucks you’re doing this again.

I hate the lives that follow.  I hate the lives we save.  
Every fucking generation is better off to be enslaved.

There’s nothing united in what we create
And our unity lies in creating a seed
As we make our reality failing to see  
Our improvements’ impractical while havoc leads

As we’re weeping for our god he sees his failing design  
A frozen space indistinguishable
From true conscious minds.  

As I’m waiting for a cause, I find my peace of mind
Away from all that’s putrefied.
Away from the light in disguise.

The Abacist

A current spirals with waves submerged by fate.
Crashing through existence; drowning through hope.  

No one knows how to behave. Nature is their experience.  
Reality raises them to believe that this simulation is their own disease

Convinced conceived by his own objections.  
Hypothesis can be the world of thieves.

Facing the unacceptable; embedded in hate.  
Different laws, force-fed fate. Locked in a cage with wolves to strong…  
To belong, a psychosis perception regarded with no evidence.

When short cuts are taken and no one is observing; assumptions can be made.  
Undertaken in an outer, an outer reality. They have no way of knowing that…  
One day they are subjected

Antagonize the concept of zero
Time is the point to pierce the decimal time mind-frame
Knotted chords are the conquests of slaved beings
This keeps the users in place while they’re manipulating their minds

A number machine an interface dream, concrete infinity as the crows  scream they may feel free to commit those atrocities released from the  empathetic restraints over their lives.
Eternity being a dream in a dream, a dreaded hammer smashes the hands of  the Christ-god-Heb-thief-hunger-machine bifacial with needs as the coq  crows eternally for the cries of the last race.


Reality…  Our world is…  A hoax…  A slave

Controlled by a powerful machine.
Human beings turn into batteries.